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Making a Difference

Seal of Fire Ministry School was established in 2023 using the Ephesians 4, five-fold ministry model to help equip students to fulfill their gifting and calling. Using an interactive model which allows students to experience instruction, impartation, application and activation, we will provide our students with the opportunity to

both minister and receive personal ministry. Built by a team of hungry believers, we at Seal of

Fire Ministry School feel the Lord's direction to use to use this Spirit-led and Spirit-filled

model to help students grow and be activated in the area of their gifting and calling.


We gather together in unity as a hungry, revival-ready remnant. We stand firm on the Word of Truth, being led by the Spirit. Our unified goal is to equip the saints, raise up leaders, and disciple believers to live a Spirit led, overcoming life. We give our lives in worship to the

One True King, Jesus Christ!

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